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Counter Copyright Initiative [cc]

jeudi 23 mai 2002, par boson2x

Cette initiative du Counter Copyright est due à l’équipe du Berkman Center for Internet & Society, une entité de la Harvard Law School. Ses juristes proposent la formule la plus simple pour mettre son oeuvre dans le domaine public. Attention cependant, quiconque puise dans le domaine public peut s’approprier une oeuvre.

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A B O U T C O U N T E R - C O P Y R I G H T S [CC]

As an alternative to the exclusivity of copyright, the counter-copyright invites others to use and build upon a creative work. By encouraging the widespread dissemination of such works, the counter-copyright campaign fosters a rich public domain.

The idea surrounding the counter-copyright campaign is fairly easy to understand. If you place the [cc] icon at the end of your work, you signal to others that you are allowing them to use, modify, edit, adapt and redistribute the work that you created.

The counter-copyright is not a replacement for an actual copyright, rather it is a signal that you as the creator are willing to share your work. The counter-copyright strips away the exclusivity that a copyright provides and allows others to use your work as a source or a foundation for their own creative ideas. The counter-copyright initiative is analogous to the idea of open source in the software context. For a more thorough explanation of open source see the following site :

Show your support for the public domain by marking your work with a [cc] and a link to the Copyright’s Commons web site.

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